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Dublin Watch Guide for 2020

Watches are an essential accessory that’s seeing lots of evolution in recent years. Many watch experts predict that 2020 will see many new and revolutionary watches hit the market. From traditional to smartwatches, this year is set to be an important year for the market. In light of this, here’s a short guide to what to expect from the watch market in 2020.

Although traditional watches will always be an important aspect of the watch market, innovative smartwatches will see greater representation in 2020. Lots of analysts, including Watches of Dublin predict that small to large tech companies will start to produce their own variations of smartwatches during the year. In addition, more traditional watchmakers are also signaling their intention to start producing watches with modern technological features. In particular, lots of analysts are expecting to see designs that combine classic watch features with the functional benefits of smartwatches.

In addition to the increase in technological disruption to the watch market, analysts also expect to see lots of bold new designs emerge throughout the year. Watches with smaller faces, or unique shapes, are likely to see an increase in 2020. Lots of watchmakers are signaling that they are looking to produce a wider variety of designs throughout the year. Certain industry experts note that many consumers are starting to get tired of the same designs that have become popular in the past three to five years. In order to revitalize the market, watchmakers are likely to experiment with bold designs this year.

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The increase in watch designs available will coincide with a strong increase in total watchmakers operating within the market. The number of watchmakers operating throughout the world are set to increase dramatically in 2020. In recent years, watch brands have steadily grown in number. However, 2020 is set to become a year where an explosion in new entrants to the market occurs. New watchmakers mean more watches to choose from, which is a good thing for the consumer. These new brands range from budget watchmakers to new brands set to take on some of the most prestigious and luxurious names in the industry.

With the increase in new watchmakers, the workmanship behind the average watch on the market is also set to increase. As competition increases within the market, more and more brands will feel pressure to step up the quality and reliability of their watches. Certain brands have become complacent in recent years, disenchanting loyal customers. Hence, the increase in competition generated through the new brands entering the market will almost certainly lead to a considerable uptick in the general quality and workmanship of watches on offer by all major watchmakers.

In light of the increasingly competitive 2020 watch market, prices are also set to fluctuate considerably. The retail price of many luxury watches is set to decrease this year as these brands try and compete for greater market share. Smartwatches and budget watches are set to stay relatively steady as they try and gain a stronger hold of their current market positions. Generally, those looking to buy luxury watches in 2020 are likely to spot some very enticing deals.

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